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  • Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Enclosure fiber Laser Marking Machine

The full-closed type 20w fiber laser marking machine adopts the portable design and is easy to move and work in different place. It has no consumables, so the depreciation cost of the product is greatly reduced. It has the advantages of high efficiency, long service life and maintenance free, which the traditional laser doesn't have.It is suitable to mark on hardware tools, kitchen knives, plastic products, integrated circuit, bottles, glasses frame, cleaner taps and so on. 

Product Advantages 

1. High definition: Resolution is up to 1 micron and is at least 10 times higher than traditional machines.
2. Less power consumption: It's 1 / 25 ~1 / 10 of traditional laser markers.
3. High speed: 3~5 times faster than traditional laser markers.
4. High stability: higher than any other similar ones.
5. Long service life: 10 times longer than traditional ones.

Technical Information

Average output power

20W (CW or pulse)



Power Modulation Range


Pulse Repetition Frequency


Output Beam Quality


Marking Depth


Min. Focusing Spot


Min. Character Height


Max. Marking Speed


Format Supported

Graphics, text, bar code, two-dimensional code, date, frequency, batch number, serial number, file link.

Operating System

It can work with win7,win8 and XP.
It support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and so on.
It can use directly SHX and TTF font.



Overall Power


Power Supply



Air Cooling

Control Interface


Laser Module Life



High performance scanning galvanometer

Working Environment

No dust and no source of vibration

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Application Area

3C industry
,auto industry,medical equipments, electronic components, IT industry, hardware industry, precision apparatuses, crafts, high-low-voltage appliances, etc

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