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  • Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

 Brief Introduction:

The flying laser marking machine is the latest application product of dynamic laser marking control system.The system is equipped with the software and hardware functions to control the motion precision parameters, synchronously track the fast-moving workpiece and control the laser output, and mark the workpiece without stopping when the production line moves rapidly.
The notation can be either dot matrix or vector.It can run continuously for 24 hours at the work site.I
n the process of marking,  the products are constantly flowing along the production line, thus greatly improve the production efficiency, make the laser machine to adapt to the demand of industrial production.


1. The marking process is automatic, high-speed and efficient.

2. It has high optical conversion efficiency, small size, low cost, no consumables and maintenance-free;

3. It can keep 7*24 hours continuous working, which can meet the requirements of large-scale online continuous production;

4. It adopts the special scanning galvanometer system of the marking system, which can not only improve the overall stability of the product, but also guarantee the good quality in high-speed marking;

5. The software can automatically generate the serial number (bar code), used to realize the identification, mass production, easy to trace the product marking, has a better anti-counterfeiting effect.

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Application Area

It is widely used in tobacco industry, biological pharmaceutical, wine industry, food and beverage, health products, electronic industry, auto parts, business card printing, technology, clothing accessories and other fields. Especially suitable for printing and packaging industry.

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