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  • optic fiber transmission laser welding machine
optic fiber transmission laser welding machine

optic fiber transmission laser welding machine

 The optic fiber transmission laser welding device that couples a high-energy laser beam into an optical fiber and, after long-distance transmission, collimates into parallel light through a collimating mirror, and then focuses on the workpiece to perform welding. For flexible welding non-contact welding, it is more flexible. The fiber-optic transmission laser welding machine laser beam can realize time and energy splitting, and can simultaneously process multiple beams, which provides conditions for more precise welding.




1. It adopts advanced Germany combined gold-plated reflector cavity laser technology, and use special beam election mode technology, which ensure a high output power and excellent laser beam mode. 
2. Equipped with programmable pulse and intelligent management system, and have dual pulse xenon lamp and constant current laser power supply , to protect the system to run stable and prevent the water temperature is too high or too low. 
3. Impact-resistant working platform and rotating fixture to facilitate the placement of objects to be sold, it can also be designed according to customer needs to meet a variety of processing. 

Tech Parameters

Conduction type

Optical fiber transmission (lamp pumped)

Laser type

Nd:YAG pulse xenon lamp

Laser Power


spot size


Laser wavelength


pulse width


Pulse frequency


Laser output focal length


Laser cooling


Observation system

Standard CCD

Fiber length

5 meters (standard)

Machine power supply


 Sample Show

Application Area

Used in precision welding of optical communication devices, IT, medical, electronics, batteries, fiber-coupled devices, picture tube electron guns, metal parts, mobile phone vibration motors, watch precision parts, automotive steel sheets, etc.

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